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Media Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures

Saints Peter and Paul Church. Used as the area in which scorpio looks for a new victim

Saints Peter and Paul Church

750 Kearny Street. Used as the location of a woman getting shot in the pool from another building (55 California Street) by the killer scorpio at the start of the movie. Now called the Hilton San Francisco Financial District.

750 Kearny Street

Pine Street & Montgomery Street. Used for a shot of harry walking around the corner heading to the 555 California Street building

Pine Street & Montgomery Street

555 California Street

555 California Street

Washington square park. This location is used for a shot of some children running through the park and for Scorpio to look for a new victim before being chased off by a police helicopter

Washington square park

Jasper place north beach. Harry and his partner hunt for Scorpio

Mount Davidson Cross. Harry travels here to drop the money off and then fights with the killer Scorpio.

Mount Davidson Cross

Filbert street. A shot used when harry and his partner are looking for Scorpio

Krausgrill place. Harry chases a suspect into the alleyway, but spots a naked lady in a window and then gets beaten up by a gang (until his partner shows up)

Mississippi Street. Drive-by panning street shot

Mississippi Street

Mississippi Street

El CID night club. They drive past this location in the movie (606 Broadway San Francisco)

El CID night club

Sierra street. A dead body is found here. This is now is a block of houses.

Park Emergency hospital. Scorpio visits here when he gets stabbed by harry

The Condor Club. This location is used twice- first harry drives past and the second time harry is seen following the killer out of 'Roaring 20's'

The Condor Club

Waldo Tunnel. The bus that Scorpio hijacks drives through here

Waldo Tunnel

The Hospital. Harry visits Gonzalez his partner in the hospital

The Hospital

Portsmouth Square Plaza. This location is used for the killer as he walks past children playing in the park

Portsmouth Square Plaza

Gashouse cove. Harry and his partner are waiting for a ransom phone call.

Hall of justice. Harry and his partner return to the police headquarters after hunting for scorpio

Hall of justice

Noriega Street. Where scorpio hijacks the school bus

Old Quarry Road North. The final confrontation between harry and Scorpio. Also the place where harry throws his badge away before the credits role!

Old Quarry Road North

Forest hill station. Used as another ransom location harry went to.

Liquor store. Scorpio robs a liquor store’s owner

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Sir Francis Drake Boulevard. Harry jumps onto the school bus which Scorpio hijacked

625 Polk Street

City hall. Dirty harry meeting with the mayor

City hall

Aquatic park

Kezar Stadium

Kezar Stadium

Kezar Stadium

Golden Gate bridge

Golden Gate bridge