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Ever wished the real world was as exciting as the movies? That's what a theme park does – it turns life into an epic adventure, packed with crazy rides, cool stories, and non-stop fun. Get ready to swap MEH for OMG!

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1001 Troubles. The 1001 Troubles was a mirror maze incorporating a hall of mirrors. It was originally found to the left of 'Bean Street'. However currently the attraction now forms the first segment of the attraction known as 'Impossible'.

Alice in Wonderland. Alice in Wonderland made its debut at Disneyland Park on June 14, 1958. Originally it was actually intended to be a walkthrough attraction, Disney Imagineers decided against this idea because of limited time and resources.

Alice in Wonderland

Astro Swirl (aka The Millennium Bug). Originally known as the Astroswirl, this spinning centrifugal ride was housed in the 70 foot diameter perspex dome that still stands in the park. The idea for the dome originated from the Canadian Expo in 1968. This ride was renamed The Millennium Bug in the year 2000. It was then advertised for sale in The World's Fair Magazine three years later.

Astroglide. Astroglider was a giant slide which was built in the 1970s, however in 1992 it was removed.

Ben Hur. Images was taken in 1987

Boating Pool

Cableway. Built in 1960 but last operated in 2000. The Cableway cost $50,000 to build. The original idea came from Brussels World Fair in 1958.


Creek. Rides included: Helicopters (Children's helicopter spinner), The Veteran Carousel -1990's, Lunar Carousel, Magnus' Mini Dodgems, Pirate Ride - Large 'Sea Storm' style ride and the Tetley Teacup Ride.


Cyclone. Cyclone was a thrill roller coaster which operated at Blackpool Pleasure Beach until 2006, when it was destroyed. In its replacement was the Avalanche.

Drench Falls. This ride had a lifespan of 39 years.

Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel had two wheels which both operated in opposite directions.

Funhouse. The Funhouse had many attractions within it, including a moving staircase, steep slide and mixing bowl ride which were enjoyed by both children and adults over three generations. Did you know Gracie Field even filmed part of her Sing As We Go movie there?


Gold Mine. Gold Mine has now been replaced by another ride known as Wallace and Gromit Thrill-O-Matic.

Grand Prix. The Grand Prix was located next to the ride 'Tidal Wave'. It consisted of a group of cars linked together in a train which were being powered by drive motors. Two small tyres drove a blade which was mounted under each car. The cars also had a motor under each which, via a screw jack drive, tilted the cars inwards as they gained speed. Pretty crafty! The ride even included stop-and-go lights, which added an extra buzz of excitement!

Magic Mountain. Built in 1932 but closed in 2010.

Monster. Monster was an octopus ride which has now been replaced by Ice Blast. It was an extremely popular ride however despite this it was still removed in 1995.

Old Map. An old leaflet map showing Blackpool Pleasure Beach....

Rainbow. The Rainbow appealed to all ages and personalities. The ride offered a basic orbiting sensation, with alternating movements of varying speed, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Scenic Railway. Quick Facts - Height - 40 ft (12 m), Drop - 40 ft (12 m), Length - 3,000 ft (910 m), Speed -35 mph (56 km/h)

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway

Space Tower. Space Tower was a slow spinning birds eye view tower which was then relocated to Frontierland, Morecambe as POLO Tower and then replaced by the 'Pepsi Max Big One'. It has remained unused on the seafront for almost 20 years.

Space Tower

Space Tower

Switchback Railway. The second and third images are of the Big Dipper in the 1900's. This was built after the Switchback Railway which was a wooden roller coaster.

Switchback Railway

Switchback Railway

The Big One. This is the UK's tallest and fastest roller coaster, with heights of up to 235ft! Take a ride if you dare!

The Whip. In the second image you can see the location of 'The Whip' which was a Teacup Waltzer Ride. The Whip was built in 1914 however was sadly removed in 2008.

The Whip

Tidal Wave. This ride was situated next to The Water Chute in the Pleasure Beach's North Park. However the ride could also be found in the South Park next to the old Cine 2000 attraction during its life at Blackpool.

Tokaydo Express. A circuit of a figure of eight, reaching speeds of up to 40mph. For your money you usually got around 2-4 laps of the circuit. Later on it was then relocated to Brean Leisure Park in 1997.

Turtle Chase. Closed In 2004 the area now stands empty.

Vintage Cars. They closed for business in the 2001 season to be replaced by the electrically powered Eddie Stobart's Convoy ride.

Virginia Reel Roller Coaster. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Virginia Reel operated for more than 60 years.