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Hola amigo! Welcome to the Forza Horizon 5 Space in sunny Mexico. Explore, share and discuss your most recent adventures at the latest Horizon installment.

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Amazing Ocean Arch. FH5 continue to surprise with countless hidden locations. To find this marvel of nature, head to the western part of the Mexico map where you'll find a long peninsula-like jetty filled with massive rocks heading straight into the ocean. Follow the shoreline around the peninsula and you'll discover the stone archway.. Media Credits:

Atlantes de Tula Waterfall. FH5 is covered in amazing beauty spots, but this waterfall really stands out as a 'must visit' area. To find it head to the very southern-most region of the map - southeast of Atlantes de Tula, to the west of the Cascadas de Agua Azul.

Atlantes de Tula Waterfall

Copper Canyon Avatar Land. Find vast Pandora-esque stretches of rocky terrain and towering cliffs in the northeastern region of the map officially known as Copper Canyon. Get ready for epic stunts whilst catching some great photos.

Magical Floating Tree. To find this weird anomaly head to a road between the football stadium and Colinas Aridas. Apparently there are several floating objects around Mexico, but this is the most (in)famous - allowing you to drive underneath and look up!

Mayan Temples. Look out for various Mayan temples across the map including Ek' Balam ruins, a temple that Playground Games has rendered in amazing detail. You can find it within the thick rainforests that reside in the southeast area.

Quechula Temple. This show-stopping temple is a sight to behold. Find it by venturing a bit east of the Sierra Verde Dam. Depending on the season you can view this ruins against two distinct backdrops - either fully or partially submerged in the river.

Rocket-League Style Football Stadium. Fancy having some fun and knocking around a football? Playground games have gone all-in, creating some superb mini-game fun, so you can play footy rocket-league style! To find 'El Estadio Horizon' persuse the map and look for a circular area with many roads converging on it (just to the east of Tierra Prospera.)

Telescope Star Gazing. With it's awesome day and night cycle, FH5 even has an entire astronomical observatory outpost at the top of the western area volcano. To get there mark the caldera on your map, and start driving those winding trails.. Media Credits:

Volcano La Gran Caldera. La Gran Caldera region can be found on the northwest part of the map. To find it follow the winding roads on the east side of this region. Keep going and you'll arrive at the peak.