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Bad Day for the Cut. Bad Day For The Cut (2017): Blue Ruin goes Emmerdale. Northern Irish farmer goes on revenge rampage after his mother is murdered. @nigelo1p excels melding brutality with bellyaches. Only marred by slightly daft finale. One for Shane Meadows fans. A mini triumph.

Blue Ruin. Menacing revenge thriller written and directed by @saulnier_jeremy (Green Room; also superb). Brutal but understated. Laced with dark humour & a killer @blairbrosmusic soundtrack. Lead @MaconBlair should be a household name. Fans of Dead Man's Shoes take note.

Calibre. Two mates go the Scottish Highlands and it all goes a bit Wicker Man (minus usual cliches). @JALowden & @martinmccann1 are superb while malevolent @TonyCurran69 and the locals terrifying. Lovely bit of Aztec Camera too. Fans of Ben Wheatley's Kill List dive in

Calm With Horses. Irish crime family enforcer struggles to care for autistic son in @nickrowlandfilm debut. Bleak but with sensitive underbelly. Cosmo Jarvis, @NiamhAlgar & @BarryKeoghan excel. @NedDennehy is the personification of evil with @BlanckMass OST. Raw as hell.

Divines. wo young women strive to escape a Paris slum. Drugs, ballet, guns and lots of teenage mischief. Protagonists Oulaya Amamra and Déborah Lukumuena are sensational. Laugh out loud funny and a finale which will have you in tears. If you like La Haine - watch this.

Good Time. Like having a cocaine-induced heart attack. Robert Pattinson attempts to bust out his bank robbing brother from jail set to the warped soundtrack of @0PN. By turn nauseating, warm-hearted, thrilling and laugh-out-loud funny. A cinematic panic attack.

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore. @MaconBlair (Blue Ruin) writes/directs this dark, comic drama Coen Brothers would be proud of. An understated @melanielynskey is tremendous alongside Saxon-loving nunchuck-wielding @elijahwood. Boss soundtrack too ft @Bunnymen

Safety Not Guaranteed. Dickhead journo, intern & geek go on an adventure to find enigmatic time traveller. Offbeat hilarious US indie flick directed by @colintrevorrow which pulls at the heartstrings with *wild* finale. @MarkDuplass and @evilhag are STUNNING. So much fun.

Shimmer Lake. Director Oren Uziel & cinematographer Jarin Blaschke (#TheLighthouse) work wonders in this heist thriller told in reverse. Dark humour, an outstanding @rainnwilson & savage violence blend with small town idiosyncrasies in this Coen Brothers style who dunnit.

Sputnik. Russian sci-fi horror. Tense, taut and when the violence hits, extremely brutal. Lead Oksana Akinshina is superb while the Cold War era setting lends a sinister atmosphere. Oleg Karpachev's droning OST reminiscent of Johan Johansson. Alien fans will lap it up.

The Guilty. Gustav Möller writes/directs edge-of-the-seat Danish thriller set almost entirely in one room. Emergency call cop Jakob Cedergren in a race against time to help kidnapped woman that keeps you guessing. So good, Jake Gyllenhaal is starring in the remake.

The Invitation. The most fucked up episode of Come Dine With Me ever. @TheRealElemgy attends his ex-wife's dinner party unravelling into a malevolent psychological minefield. While the second act isn't as good as the first, director Karyn Kusama unsettles throughout.

The Night Comes for Us. The Night Comes For Us (2018): @Joe_Taslim heads up Indonesian gangster flick directed by @Timobros which makes John Wick look sluggish. Hyper-kinetic fight scenes, ultra-gore, unreal Gunnar Nimpuno cinematography plus sublime soundtrack by @JoeComposer featuring @lowtheband

The Platform. The Platform (2019). Brutal Spanish sci-fi thriller with food porn & superb poisonous dwarf Zorion Eguileor. A must-must-see!

The Young Offenders. Two Irish scallywags go on an adventure to escape their rubbish lives. Daft, brash but with a big heart. @Alexmurphy_97, @WalleyChriss, @thehilaryrose & @pjgallagher are boss. Shameless via Inbetweeners meets Trainspotting.

Train To Busan. South Korean zombie chase flick directed by Yeon Sang-Ho. Ridicuously OTT, super-violent, super-fun, all-out-carnage action caper which will have you on the edge of your seat. So good they're remaking it for Western audiences. It won't better the original.