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Ball. Introducing Mr. Game & Watch himself, Ball is a surprisingly simple 2-mode game from 1980. Always tempting you with just 'one more go', this can get tough. Remember though - don't drop any balls! See Ball in action @ Media Credits: mamehaze/YouTube

Ball. Media Credits: Wikimedia /Commons

Donkey Kong Jr.. Truly one of the greats - this metallic blue wrapped game saw you (Donkey Kong Jr) climbing his way to the very top platform in order to rescue his Father, dodging traps and collecting keys, as he goes. Glorious, fun memories Media Credits: Mobygames

Donkey Kong Jr.. Media Credits: bad@chaos/YouTube

Gold Cliff. A superb multi-screen Game & Watch about collecting treasure. You control an archaeologist, scaling crumbling platforms in ancient ruins. Released in 1988, this was the first Game and Watch to include a Continue button, giving the player an easier time! See Media Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Gold Cliff. Media Credits:

Gold Cliff. Media Credits: Reddit

Mario’s Bombs Away. Released in 1983, this is a Game&Watch from the (very unique) Panorama screen format, where you play by looking at a mirror in which the gameplay is reflected. Mario’s Bombs Away has you controlling an army-looking Mario, moving him left and right to rescue and place bombs. See it @ Media Credits: launchbox

Mario’s Bombs Away

Mario’s Bombs Away

Mario’s Bombs Away

Mickey Mouse. One of the earliest game and watch devices, from 1981. This one took the Mickey Mouse license from Disney. All you need to do - catch the eggs before they crack on the floor - sounds easy right? Watch on-screen action @ Media Credits: eastexit japan merchant/YouTube

Mickey Mouse. Media Credits:

Mickey Mouse

Super Mario Bros.. Several Super Mario Bros. games appeared on the G&W systems, the first back in 1986. Even though this Game & Watch is significantly different form its console counterpart, it still retains 8 levels of fun, including Princess Peach! Media Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Super Mario Bros.. Media Credits: wikimedia

Zelda. This multi-screen game certainly pushed the envelope re: what was possible on an LCD screen. With an inventory and map included, Link battled through to the top of the screen to confront a huge dragon. Super handheld action, very desirable. See it up close @ Media Credits: mamehaze/YouTube

Zelda. Media Credits: Flickr

Zelda. Media Credits: Old-Games

Zelda. Media Credits: bol

Zelda. Media Credits: Pinterest